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Cookies type
Purpose of storage and use of cookies:
Personalization – To determine and save the language version of the page selected by the user.


USA Office
MarineTeknik, Inc
947 NW 31st Ave
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
Office: +1 954 366 5702

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POLAND Office*
MarineTeknik Sp. z o.o.
ul. Batalionów Chlopskich 7
83-000 Pruszcz Gdanski
Office: +48 583 803 582

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General Administration

Eric Jones
Mobile: +1 954 913 6117

Gail Bonani
Vice President Operations
Mobile: +1 561 350 5001

Maciej Nowak*
Managing Director
Mobile: +1 954 806 3461
Mobile: +48 506 901 059

Marcin Andrzejczak*
Director Project Management
Mobile: +1 954 913 6122
Mobile: +48 510 696 731



Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Agnieszka Kubiak Ernandes
Accounting Administrator
Mobile: +1 561 305 7494

Helena Kivisto-Vila
Project Specialist
Mobile: +1 954 990 9989

Marek Grabowski*
Project Analyst
Mobile: +48 530 207 982

Mirja Jones
Administrative Assistant

Project Coordination
Human Resources / Careers

Agata Sobieraj-Nowak*
Senior HR/Office Manager
Mobile: +48 732 901 059

Agnieszka Rydz*
Project Coordinator
Mobile: +48 578 000 195

Michal Gostkowski*
Project Coordinator
Mobile: +48 570 698 667

Wojciech Grabowski*
Project Administrator
Mobile: +48 535 185 744

Purchasing / Logistics

Marcin Lewandowski*
Purchasing/Logistics Manager
Mobile: +48 530 745 041

Agnieszka Slewa-Najda*
Purchasing/Logistics Coordinator
Mobile: +48 531 946 045

Michal Lukaszczuk
Purchasing/Logistics Coordinator
Mobile: +48 533 924 277

Adam Sumislawski*
Warehouse Coordinator
Mobile: +48 576 000 792

Shane James
Supply Chain Supervisor
Mobile: +1 305 879 7697

Materials / New Client Inquiries

Mait Rohtla
Sales Manager
Mobile: +1 954 531 8868
Mobile: +372 5646 3358


Marcin Kozyrski
Project Manager
Mobile: +1 954 913 5285
Mobile: +48 731 728 589

Marek Semkow*
Project Manager/Engineering
Mobile: +1 954 415 0427

Krzysztof Olkowicz*
Estimating Project Manager
Mobile: +1 954 415 0917

Wojciech Nowak
Project Manager
Mobile: +1 954 415 2158

Sebastian Necel
Project Manager
Mobile: +48 533 664 917

Michal Kucharski*
Project Manager
Mobile: +48 531 896 048

Adam Stankiewicz
Site Manager
Mobile: +1 954 913 8280

Tomasz Marczak*
Assistant Project Manager
Mobile: +48 531 951 762

Michal Szwed*
Assistant Project Manager
Mobile: +48 531 941 985

Krzysztof Tatarata
Mobile: +48 535 153 803

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